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Youth Ministry

Our Youth ministry is aimed at giving our youth a spiritual foundation upon which they can create a successful spiritual life going forward. We hope to train, mentor and teach them in the ways of Christ and make them comfortable taking larger roles as adults in the…

Hospitality Ministry

Our hospitality ministry aims to provide the most loving and welcoming experience possible. While a Hope experience is not limited to entering our facilities we insist that our worship, learning and fellowship environments are second to none. The goal is…

Community Outreach

By our community outreach initiative, we extend the ministry of the church beyond the walls of the church building and into our immediate and surrounding communities in which we live, work and operate on a daily basis. Our purpose is to meet needs…

Worship Ministry

Our worship ministry is designed with specific attention to making sure our worship service meets the highest standards of reverence to almighty God. We seek to position prepared vessels who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will offer the of best of service and praise to God.

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