Your 'Live' Guide

Where shall I dine tonight? What shall I do this evening?
What entertainment options will I opt for?
Feeling over-whelmed by the wide range of options out there? Decisions leaving you irritated? Feel as if you’re wasting your precious time on researching the endless options out there?
Why not save your time and money by leaving it to the experts?!! Yes, believe it or not we will provide you with solutions, tailoring your individual tastes AND to top it off you will pay less by receiving a discount, leaving you with more time and money on your hands!

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Your Personal Concierge

So here you are! Congratulations on a decision well-made! This is one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the world! So…what now?
There are so many options for entertainment, so much to see and do and of course you want to see and do it all! How can you possibly squeeze in shopping, beach time, dining out and sight seeing in your short stay? You feel as if there are not enough hours in a day for all you want to achieve! A challenge that can leave many of us feeling anxious. Fear not… visit SMART!

Oh! One more thing we are guessing will interest you. Who doesn’t like a discount, right?
Everybody loves a deal so you will pay less just for being a customer! What’s not to like?!

Even before you have touched down here, your Personal Concierge will draw up an experience program specifically tailored to your needs and wishes and the best part of all, your program will consist of the best deals available here! Interested? Let’s get started!
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Our Services At Your Finger Tips
You want to ensure that you experience all that you have dreamed off and get the most out of your time here. Whatever you chose to do it should be pleasurable and memorable.
So how exactly will you fill your time in here? It is simple - thorough planning,
but better leave it to experts! Our deep knowledge and well crafted skills combined with great passion to serve you better - at your disposal! Leave to us whatever you want to experience in the following domains:

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dining out

It is a culinary heaven, every cuisine across thousands of cafes & restaurants.
Try something new everyday, from each corner of the World!


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leisure & attractions


Everything is created to enjoy life!
Aqua and theme parks, excursions, safaris, water sports. Trilling night life!

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chores & errands

Even here you may be forced to complete some chores, big or small, pleasurable or not. We have someone to run these
errands for you or help you out by
pointing you in the right direction! Advice and help on hand when you need it!

It can take a lot of time to sift through the wealth of information available and filter through the reviews so that you can chose the best. You can skip this and get an access to the best
options in just one more click away… Click to find out now!

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Enjoy in full and pay less!
Our partners live by the motto “Every client deserves special attention”, believing that the best way to show our appreciation is by offering you a discount. This time. Every time. Always!
Wondering how we can manage this? Let us learn a little more about you by completing our short questionnaire!